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Natural Shampoo

Natural shampoo seems to abound on store shelves today. With modern society’s emphasis on image and appearance, having healthy hair is a priority, but consumers are becoming more aware of the environment and the chemicals that they are dumping on their bodies on a daily basis. Natural products, as a result, have become popular and sought after. Many major brands, however, have been catering to this desire for natural products without actually making their products more natural. Additionally, a natural shampoo or personal care product is not necessarily less aggravating to sensitive skin than any other product. Many “natural products” are simply packaged as natural while they contain a few natural ingredients buried under a list of harsh chemicals. Other natural products contain natural ingredients and botanicals that can be irritating to consumers with dry or sensitive skin, making finding a safe, gentle, natural product for sensitive skin care a difficult and often fruitless task. Even botanicals that many consumers think are safe can be irritants – tea tree oil, Echinacea, lanolin – all of these natural products can cause skin conditions. So what can you do to find a natural product that is safe, pleasant to use, and not just a bottle full of detergent with a fruity smell?

Natural shampoo from Cleure solves all of these problems in one bottle. Shampoo from Cleure eliminates all of the harsh chemicals and detergents that make most major brand shampoos so irritating to skin, scalp, and hair. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a chemical detergent added to most personal care products to help increase foaming and lather, even though this product can be extremely drying and irritating to sensitive skin. Cleure’s shampoo does not use sulfates and, while this reduces the lather the shampoo produces, it allows consumers to have a natural, chemical free product that can still get hair clean and healthy without all that itchy dryness. Cleure’s shampoo contains no fragrances or harsh chemicals and, further, avoids botanicals that may cause people with allergies additional irritation. The result is clean, healthy hair without side effects.

In addition to natural shampoo, Cleure also offers a paired conditioner for soft, smooth hair. A conditioner may be applied after a washing to condition and soften hair for the day, giving it a gentle shine and volume while improving the moisturizing of your scalp. If you want a deeper conditioning, however, Cleure’s conditioner may also be left in for three minutes after a washing to allow it to penetrate and heal dry, damaged hair and skin. With a similarly gentle formula, Cleure offers a solution to those seeking a natural shampoo and conditioner without having to go on an endless search of the supermarket shelves.
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