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Mineral Face Makeup Beauty in 5 Easy Steps

If you've never tried loose mineral face make up, you'll find it can be quite a process.  Powder ends up all over the floor, your counter, and clumps on your face.  But don't panic, this is an image of what can happen if you do not know how to use mineral make up. 

Follow the five steps below to quick mineral make up beauty transformation, the easy way:

Mineral make up brushes, such as Kabuki are a must.  With the right brush, your make up application is easier.

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1Step 1 is Eye make up - The reason is that if any gets on your face, it's easy to clean off without removing face cosmetics you've applied.  You can make your eyes up as sophisticated, elegant, natural or well-defined, depending on your desired look.

Eyebrows should be well groomed and defined, as well.  If you need help, get them professionally shaped.  Use eyebrow pencil that matches your own natural hair color.

2.  Concealers and mineral foundation make up are applied next.  Concealers should be a slightly lighter shade than your complexion in order to hide any imperfections such as dark circles or age spots.  Your foundation should match your complexion.  Choose the shade in natural light.  With powder mineral make up, small amounts of application are more effective than a heavy one.

3.  For cheeks that are radiant with a hint of blush, with any excess removed on your brush, lightly apply a darker shade to the apple of your cheek first, and highlight with a lighter shade and blend so there is no line between the two.

4.  For a velvety, mineral loose finishing powder, use Cleure Rice Veil.  It prevents shine and hides fine lines while keeping your makeup lasting longer.

5.  Lipstick is applied last.  Lipliner is important for creating full lips.  Lipliner should be applied from center outward.   Your lipliner should match your lipstick.  Don't draw a hard line, but soften by blending slightly. 

Check in the mirror for lipstick marks on your teeth.

Cleure mineral make up powder has SPF 25 protection to help against UVA and UVB exposure.

Cleure mineral make up are good for your skin and will help draw out the natural beauty in you.