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Men's Personal Care Buying Guide

It's falsely thought that men don't need to take care of their skin.  Quick shower, a shave, slap on a bit of after shave, and you're good to go.  After all, what's a few after shave bumps, wrinkles or dandruff among guys?

Nothing could be further from the truth!  Common sense and scientific studies show the largest organ in our body, the skin, absorbs whatever is used on it.  Inside the mouth is another delicate area that is capable of absorbing ingredients and transporting them into the blood stream, especially with the presence of bleeding gums.  And men are famous for skipping the flossing routine, which is so important to oral health.

So what products are important for men?

First of all, now that we know all skin absorbs anything that is used on it, it's important to use safe ingredients.  After that there is no reason why men can't follow the same skin and body care solutions with Cleure as women.

Ten Tips for Men

1.  Cleanse the face with Cleure Cleanser

2.  Fine tune the cleansing with Cleure Toner

3.  Moisturize with Day Cream

4.  Use Cleure Body Lotion all over, and Natural Sunscreen during sun exposure

5.  Shave with Cleure Conditioner - you'll be amazed with the results! No burn, no after shave bumps

6.  Wash your hair with Cleure Shampoo - it's gentle and helps prevent dry scalp

7.  Use Cleure Spray Deodorant on your feet and in your shoes to help prevent athletes foot. Use Cleure    Stick Deodorant for underarm odor control

8.  Cleure Dental Products are the solution for healthy, fresh breath and mouth

9.  Use Cleure Vanilla soap while showering

10. Cleure Emu Oil will help sooth rough heels, elbows and other dry areas