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Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

There are many causes of dark circles and puffiness under eyes.  This article will help you learn simple home remedies to get rid of dark circles under eyes, and how to get rid of puffy eyes. You'll also learn about dark circles under eyes of children.

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Dark Circles Under Eye Repair

Dark Circles Under Eyes in Children
Dark circles under eyes of children is not that common.  The discoloration under the eyes is typically not painful or uncomfortable.  In children, they can be associated with allergies, congestion or heredity. With congestion, the veins under the eyes become visible causing the appearance of dark circles.  Congestion causes swelling of the tissues that line the inside of the nose.  The problem should resolve, once the cause is managed.

Treatment and Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

There are makeup concealers that you can use to cover up dark circles.  But to truly help fix dark circles under eyes, you need to use an effective cream or skin gel to repair thin tissue. 

Home remedies can include placing cucumber slices under eyes, or wet, cold tea bags.  These are, however, temporary relief for how to fix dark circles under eyes.  Some have even used Preparation H, but this may have side effects, and can be very harmful if it gets in your eyes.

Collagen can also be injected as a filler under puffy eyes to even out the look or remove the puffiness.  Botox is one of these types of products.  These injections have to be repeated, and over time, they can be very expensive and not look very natural. 

Surgical eyelift is another solution.  This is performed by a plastic surgeon, but again, some may totally change your appearance and can be expensive.

Retinol has also been used in many over the counter skin care products to fix dark circles under eyes and puffy eyes, but this ingredient also may have irritating side effects.

How to Fix Dark Circles Under Eyes

To help repair and fix dark circles under eyes, Cleure sensitive skin Eye Repair Gel with anti oxidants, fruit acids and sodium hyaluronate is helpful. You really need to also, do your best to live a healthy lifestyle and pay attention to what you eat.

Cleure Eye Repair Gel helps reduce:

- Fine lines
- Dark circles
- Puffiness
Important Effective Ingredients Include:

- Sodium hyaluronate, which is important for skin tissue repair and it is also a major component of skin.

- Fruit acids contain alpha hydroxy acids which are vital for anti-aging and improving the skin tone. Your skin will feel smooth and soft. Fruit acids are naturally derived from lemons, strawberries and grapes. However, the acid form is salicylate free.
- Vitamin C is an important antioxidant which helps with collagen production.

Cleure Eye Repair Gel and other sensitive skin care products are the foundation to build on for healthy skin. Used daily, the benefits will include:

  • Softer, healthier skin
  • Complexion that is clear with even toned, free of patches of different shades
  • Youthful, revitalized glow

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