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Fragrance Free Shampoo

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free Shampoo & Body Care for Sensitive Skin

Using non-irritating products on a regular basis on your body, can help prevent or minimize allergies and problem skin. Cleure sodium lauryl sulfate free shampoo, aluminum free deodorant, and sensitive skin body wash are examples of our high quality gluten free hair & body care for the whole family.
You can be beautiful without added irritating ingredients.

 *Salicylate Free  *Gluten Free  *Fragrance Free*  *Paraben Free  *Hypoallergenic *No Animal Cruelty *Ecologically Responsible *Made in the USA

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Shampoo/Volumizing - SLS free Conditioner - Replenishing
Price $12.00
Price $14.00
sls free shampoo sensitive skin conditioner
Nourishment for healthy, silky hair.  For all hair types: oily hair, thinning hair, color treated hair. Cleure Replenishing Conditioner will make your hair manageable and give fullness to your hair.
Hair Styling Gel - Medium Hold 8 oz. (237 ml) Lip Balm with Shea Butter
Price $12.00
Price $4.00
Hair Styling Gel Shea Butter Lip Balm
Create smooth gorgeous styles that are soft and natural looking.  Medium hold for all hair types. Shea Butter helps prevent sunburned and windburned lips. Moisturizing formula protects lips from chafing, chapping and cracking.
Emu Oil: Relief for Very Dry Sensitive Skin Body Lotion - for dry sensitive skin
Price $25.00
Price $22.00
Sale Price: $15.00
You save $7.00!
Emu Oil for Very Dry Sensitive Skin Body Lotion for dry Sensitive Skin
For very dry sensitive skin. Emu Oil is non-greasy and has many benefits, including dry skin relief.  Comes with AEA seal of purity. Body Lotion for dry skin relief with 100% Pure Shea Butter is excellent for all ages.  Smooth away dry skin with gentle non-greasy body lotion.  For all skin types.
Sunscreen - Sensitive Skin Natural SPF 15 Deodorant - Roll-On
Price $22.00
Price $9.00
sensitive skin natural sunscreen Hypoallergenic Deodorant
Natural Sunscreen with zinc oxide. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) rates zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the safest and most effective of sunscreens for UVA and UVB sun rays. For all skin types. Paraben free. Roll-on Deodorant can be used for control of underarm odor. Contains no aluminum chlorhydrate.
Deodorant - Spray 3-in-1 Deodorant - Stick
Price $9.00
Price $9.00
Natural Spray Deodorant Crystal Natural Deodorant
Freshen your whole body and control odor on feet and any other areas. Cleure Stick Crystal Deodorant is long lasting and easy to apply. Contains no aluminum chlorhydrate.
Face & Body Wash - Oily Skin, SLS Free Glycerine Face/Body SLS Free Bar Soap
Price $10.00
Price $4.95
Oily Skin SLS-Free Soap Face, Body Wash for Sensitive Skin SLS Free Bar Soap
For oily skin. 3-in-1 face wash, all over body wash or hand wash. For all skin types. Hypoallergenic, SLS free. Three amazing types to choose from: Unscented (with organic oatmeal); Gardenia and Vanilla.
Sunscreen - Sun Protection for Sensitive Skin, SPF 30
Price $39.00
natural sun protection SPF 30 for sensitive skin
SPF 30+ Natural Sunscreen with zinc oxide. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) rates zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the safest and most effective of sunscreens for UVA and UVB sun rays. For all skin types. Will not clog pores.
Fragrance Free Natural Shampoo

Healthy Hair & Body for the Whole Family

SLS Free

Paraben Free

Gluten Free

Aluminum Free

Healthy Shampoo & Body Wash
for Sensitive Skin

Hypoallergenic | Gluten Free| Salicylate Free
                          Hair & Body Products: what goes on...goes in

Sensitive skin body wash is a must for problem skin.  The best body wash is one that is free of irritating ingredients. Problem skin can become exacerbated when exposed to irritating ingredients.  For example, most personal care products contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) as a foaming agent. Soaps, cleansers, toothpaste and shampoo are just some of the products that contain SLS.   Reports have shown this ingredients may cause certain side effects:

  • Dry scalp from shampoo with SLS

  • Canker sores with SLS containing toothpaste

  • Eczema and other skin rashes with skin care products with SLS
  • Sensitive skin has special needs. Sensitive skin body wash along with other personal care products should be formulated with gentle, safe ingredients. Your body should be pampered. You only have one. Choose Cleure for the best body wash, shampoo, and other personal care products made specially for sensitive skin.

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