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Dry Scalp Shampoo

Many people complain of dry itchy scalp. However, finding good, high quality dry scalp shampoo, without irritating ingredients of some sort, is not easy. Babies and children also have delicate skin and need best shampoo and other products for sensitive skin. From head to toe, we can all develop sensitive skin in all parts of our body, causing a variety of problems.

Dry scalp can cause itching and become flaky and irritated. Body care with irritating ingredients, can cause skin rashes.

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Dry Scalp Causes
Every day you're exposed to more than 200 chemicals in shampoos, soaps, conditioners- the vast majority of which have never been screened for safety! These potentially toxic ingredients could even be in most of your personal care products, including children's! Daily used products, such as shampoo, you my be developing dry, itchy, flaky scalp.

Other causes of dry scalp can include cold weather, allergies and dry scalp.
Psoriasis of the scalp can also result in flaky, itchy dry scalp. Psoriasis is thought to be related to stress, medications, infections and injuries.

The more you absorb irritating ingredients through your products, the more likely to develop sensitive skin and allergies. Many people suffer with frequent underarm rashes due to harsh ingredients in deodorants. Without sacrificing odor free under arms with an effective deodorant is a difficult task. Sensitive skin body lotion is also hard to find that will moisturize and be non-irritating. Sunscreen for sensitive skin for all ages is very important for many reasons. Not only due to cancer risk, but to prevent premature aging.

At Cleure, we feel you can be beautiful and protect you and your family's body without added irritating ingredients. Using effective and non-irritating products is an important key to preventing allergies and sensitive skin. Cleure Volumizing SLS Free Shampoo for dry scalp is gentle and non-irritating, yet leaves your hair healthy and beautiful.

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