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I wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! I've been looking for truly non-irritating, hypoallergenic makeup, skin care and
body care for YEARS! After throwing away hundreds of dollars of other supposedly safe products because of bad
reactions over the years, I had almost given up on ever feeling comfortable in my own skin. But then I found a blog that sang your praises, so I gave your travel sizes a try. Boy! am I glad I did!!

The shampoo and conditioner are the best I've ever used. My hair is silky soft, shiny and beautiful. And my scalp
is healthy, with no dryness issues or patchy rashes. The skin care line is just as luxurious, with cleanser/toner that
makes my face feel really clean and soft! And your creams are heavenly!!! My skin feels "happy" when I use
your products. Most important, my scalp doesn't burn constantly and my face doesn't break out in rashes or
blisters any more. My skin has healed and is healthy and beautiful! It can take other irritants, like office dust and chemicals, in stride because it's so well cared for by your products. I can wear your make up products all day and not feel I'm wearing anything. There's no constant tickle, itch or irritation. It's so nice to be able to wear make up
again - makes me feel pretty too. WONDERFUL!!!! And when people ask me what I'm using because my skin
seems happier, I tell them CLEURE and I give them your website address.

Thanks again for your wonderful products!!!
Lisa Eichman
Madison, WI

August, 2011
Thanks so much for the products - in the past month, I think I have bought them all!!! I developed hives back in the Fall of 2010 that I am now thinking are the result of salicylate sensitivity that largely developed when I started using only "non-toxic botanical-based" skin care, (which embarassingly I sell!). I am now only using Cleure products - my skin looks and feels better and I just love the quality and how they work. Even if I did not have a salicylate issue, I would continue using the products - they are great and so are the prices.

August, 2011
I am 43 year old woman who has spent her entire life battling red, inflamed skin, small blemishes, exzema, etc. I have tried countless products from affordable to $365 creams with the hope that one day I too could wake up, wash my face and go. I have been using Cleure products for 5 months and I can honestly say this is the only 5 months I can walk out the door with no make up and feel completely confident in my appearance. I have also never been able to us a complete skin care line from one brand. All of Cleure products have been perfect for my skin. I no longer use my tacrolimus cream or cortizone products. I no longer have spots, dry patches, flakey, itchy skin and I no longer have to search for the perfect product line - I have found it in Cleure and I thank you.
Jen Dowdall


I am so pleased with this product line. I developed an allergy to hair products that seemed to get worse and worse to where every shampoo and conditioner I tried made my scalp itch after and then I would get bumps on my head. My hair is very dry and curly so I needed a conditioner and couldn't find one I didn't react to. i ordered the shampoo and conditioner from Cleure just to try one more product and I am so pleased. No itching, no bumps. My hair is soooo soft and clean. I don't think my hair has ever felt this soft...ever! I highly recommend Cleure. Great customer service too.

February 2011
Since I am very sensitive to scent and react to many ingredients in products, I have to be very careful. Cleure has fantastic products that does not have things I react to. I can use them and know that what I am putting on my skin will not cause harm. It's nice to FINALLY find products I can feel great about using!
Darlene Judd

February 2011
I just got my toothpaste and I cannot tell you how nice it was to brush my teeth without added sting. I wanted to share the email I sent to my dermatologist at Northwestern University in Chicago.
"Because of many allergies, I have been on a hunt for a toothpaste that did not burn my mouth for sometime now. I have switched toothpaste over and over the past several months. I found a product that is really great and it makes my mouth feel better than any medication I have used. No stinging, burning or sore gums after brushing. I am amazed at how much this product has made a difference. The name is CLEURE. Just passing along a good thing:"


Mary Wollenberg
February 2011
My husband has sensitive skin and psoriasis. I bought him a bottle of the Cleure shampoo, which he has used together with the medicated stuff he uses to keep his psoriasis under control. In a hotel recently, he used the shampoo provided there and spent a miserable day with an itching, burning scalp. I'm ordering more Cleure Shampoo.


January, 2011

VERY HAPPY WITH PRODUCTS: I have very curly hair and am not always happy with products I've tried for it. Cannot believe this shampoo/conditioner works so well and it is not made for any specific hair type. Nor is it any more expensive than previous I've tried. I was hesitant to switch at first, now won't use anything else. It is surprising to me how little conditioner I need to use compared to the products I've tried in the past. It truly amazes me that these products can work on my colored/curly hair when previous products made for my hair type did not!

I need to mention the teeth/mouth products as well. I've always used the "sensitive" toothpaste due to pain, but it still would sting the end of my tongue to the point of being very uncomfortable. Same thing for mouthwashes, even those without any alcohol in them. The regular toothpaste and mouthwash we now get does not sting at all. I'm now using their makeup, and again I did not want to switch as I was happy with my previous brand but between the selection and the sale prices, I am again, very, very pleased. I sound like a commercial, but it's all true. I know I would not have believed it without trying it myself.
Karen Parkes

I'm having to double my order for the cinnamon mouthwash because my boyfriend keeps putting it in the shower where he likes to use it. He was a hard-core Scope user for years until I got him into J/A/S/O/N's cinnamon mouthwash, but now that he's tried the Cleure he won't even use up the last of it! As for me, I started with the shampoo, which is great, but it wasn't until I adhered strictly to the shampoo and conditioner both that I started noticing a real change in the texture and feel of my hair. It doesn't feel dirty by the end of the day either. It's even more awesome if you can get your shower to be chlorine free. You'll be shocked at how nice your hair and scalp can really be!
Nina Marie Chicago, Ill October, 2010

I wanted to let you know that I have ordered many products in the last month from this company. I am VERY PLEASED with your gentle products (I use it for my rosacea and maturing skin). I am also VERY PLEASED with your outstanding customer service. They are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and very pleasant to speak with. Again, I am VERY PLEASED with everything! I am looking forward to trying other products in the future.

A Satisfied Customer! Thanks Again!
Traci M. Peters September, 2010

Absolutely LOVE Cleure! I will never have to look for another brand again!!! Thank you for providing the public with information and great products that are safe and that really works!
Nora 4/2010

I can't imagine why I waited so long to try these products. They are awesome!! My 22 year old granddaughter has very sensitive skin and is acne prone. I had her try the cleanser and toner and WOW, her skin has not looked this good since she was a baby. We won't use anything else.
Sheryl Johnson


I've been really happy with Cleure and also very impressed with your level of customer service and response. Thank you again, and I will definitely continue to order from Cleure in the future.

Best regards,
M (6/2/2010)


I've tried a few of the other mineral brands of cosmetics, but they all made me break out. Cleure is the only one that makes my face look natural and gives me good coverage AND doesn't make me break out!
Thank you, thank you! I am a customer for life!
Joy D

I had the opportunity to use Cleure's Night Cream and I am extremely happy with the over night result. My skin went
Ahhhhhhhhh the minute I applied it last night. I continue to wear it today under Cleure's Mineral Foundation. My skin looks supple and more youthful than it has in a while! Marcia E.

I purchased Cleure Volumizing Shampoo and Replenishing Conditioner. To my surprise and great relief your shampoo and conditioner are superior to the ones I had been using for ye

ars. My hair is full, shiny, and tangle-free after using your products. Thank you Cleure!!! ~ Heather H.

Cleure Emu Oil is beyond amazing! I use it on my dry feet and cuticles every day. But I’m also soo happy that I see signs of hair growth since I’ve been using it for the last 6 months. I feel safe that it’s very pure with the seal of the American Emu Association on it. It will always be a very important product in my home! Kathleen G.

I tried a lot of “natural” deodorants without aluminum, but not of them worked. Cleure Roll-On Deodorant is the only one that keeps me odor free! I love it!! Linda S.

I ran out of my Cleure Night Cream (the only thing I let near my face and it has worked so incredibly--my skin is wonderful)... because my Mom died and I just didn't get around to ordering it. Stupid me. I put another brand on because I was desperate and my whole face blew up. My eyes were practically swollen shut. I was able to scrub my face today to get the crusty skin off it, but of course I can't do it around my eyes. It feels awful, all tight and swollen! So please note I ordered TWO night creams so it will NEVER happen again. My skin is so dry I use it day and night and it works great under my Cleure make up

Hat's off to you! ~ Claudia M.

I am a man and I love the cleanser prior to shaving, and then I shave and use the lotion afterwards. It’s a very soothing sensation after shaving without the chemical feel. I love that it leaves my skin smooth after shaving without bumps. I also love that it’s thick, so I just need a small amount.

Richard C.

I am extremely pleased with the face cleanser and toner. Until I started using the cleanser and toner 5-6 weeks ago, I'd get several big pimples a month. Since I started using the toner after every facial wash, I haven't gotten any. Or actually a couple tried to come out, but I just used the cleanser and toner an extra time during the day and the pimple(s) immediately vanished! I've never seen that with ANY acne product and I am super pleased! In addition, the combo of products seems to be making a couple acne scars slowly disappear. Again, I can't believe it, never have seen that with another product on the market and I'm happy to no end about it. If you ever want to use this testimonial, feel free. ~ Stacey R


I am a dentist and, right now, a stay at home mom. It is so nice to be able to order your outstanding products and know that they will be salicylate free. Most importantly, to know that your products are free of harmful chemicals.Not only are your products safe, but they are wonderful! You have truly made a tremendous contribution.

T. Walker

P.S.: Your Customer Service is also terrific. Your company always goes the extra mile.


I have fibromyalgia & started using your products a month ago. The quality of your products amazed me. After the 3rd shampoo & conditioning treatment, my scalp stopped itching. What a blessing! I haven't worn nail polish for such a long time; the smell made me ill, but your nail polish is fabulous ~ no odor, no chipping & lovely colors. I really like your skin care products, including emu oil & lip balm. The Cinnamon Toothpaste is also one of my favorites. Thank you so much for making my life a little better.