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The Best Yummy Healthy Snacks

Snacks do not have to be bad for you. In fact, the best healthy snacks are good for you and for children can provide needed nutrients and calories.
Sugar craving is an addiction to sweets. Sweets are almost an aphrodisiac, and it's been said great for releasing stress. If you are the type that has a sweet tooth, once you take a bite of any rich sweet desert, it is very difficult to stop. And of course eating too many sweets can cause tooth decay and eventually poor oral health.

If you have gotten into the habit of having a bowl of ice cream after dinner, or a muffin with your morning coffee, it becomes downright painful to switch to a bowel of cereal or oatmeal. chocolate is another desired comfort food, with many a chocolaholic in the U.S.A. contributing to the rising over-weight statistics. Many books have been written about the subject of sugar addiction. This is one reason why the low carbohydrate diet became so popular.

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Why Stop Sugar Cravings?

Sugar is addicting, causes tooth decay and has a reputation of being the enemy of good health. It's interesting that once you stop eating sugar for a few days, you don't crave it any more. It's the first few days that are the hardest.

Healthy Snacks that will Calm the Craving Beast
Below are healthy snack ideas to stop sugar cravings and for weight loss.

  • After meals chew xylitol sweetened chewing gum. You will be pleasantly surprised how this helps with your desire for after meal sweets.

  • Munch on low glycemic fruit after meals or whenever the craving hits you. Some suggestions are:

  • Cherries - 22
    Dried apricots - 25
    Apples - 38
    Pears - 38
    Plums - 39
    Peaches - 42

  • Popcorn mixed with a handful of your favorite nuts. About three cups of popcorn is only 100 calories.

  • Veggies with hummus dip. Hummus is low carb and low in fat as well.

  • Low fat cheese sticks or soy cheese slices

  • Low fat yogurt mixed with organic fruit sweetened preserves and a few almonds. Top with low fat non-dairy whip cream.

  • Remember to always practice good oral hygiene daily, no matter what you eat to help prevent poor dental health.

  • Next time you want to dish out your hard earned dollars for sugar filled snacks, instead partake of one of the choices above. You'll thank yourself later.

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