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Best Gum for Bad Breath

Best Gum for Bad Breath

Cleure has the best gum for bad breath.  Saliva helps protect against cavities and bad breath.  Dry mouth promotes bad breath.  Cleure natural gum with xylitol helps increase flow of saliva to help prevent dry mouth and bad breath.  

Cleure has the best gum and breath drops for bad breath. It helps promote saliva flow to help protect against cavities, dry mouth and bad breath - naturally.  100% sweetened with xylitol.  

 *Saccharin Free*  *Paraben Free  *Dye Free *Animal Cruelty Free  *Ecologically Responsible  *Made in the USA

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Gum - Healthy Chewing Gum (Fresh Fruit) 100 pieces Breath Drops 240 pieces
Price $16.00
Price $16.00
Natural Chewing Gum Breath Drops
100% Sweetened with Xylitol. Studies report chewing just 5 minutes after meals with xylitol gum can prevent tooth decay by 40-60%! 100% Sweetened with Xylitol. Studies suggest Xylitol increases flow of saliva, therefore helping with dry mouth.  Helps prevent tooth decay.

Chewing Gum Facts You Should Know

Children and adults love chewing gum. It's been found that even cavemen used tree resins for chewing gum.  It wasn't until 1848 when the first commercial chewing gum was made by John B. Curtis. Chewing gum can be used to freshen breath, temporarily clean your teeth, help you loose weight, quit smoking and help with dry mouth. 

Chewing Gum and Weight Loss
You can curb your sweet tooth by chewing gum.  Studies at Louisiana State University reported that those who chewed gum, were less hungry after lunch and had less sweet cravings.  Chewing gum is also a good substitute for junk foods.

Chewing Gum to Help Quit Smoking

By occupying the mouth with chewing gum, smokers have been helped to quit smoking.

Chewing Gum to Help with Stress

Just the action of chewing gum can help reduce tension and stress.  The United Stress military has included chewing gum as part of the rations of service men and women since World War I.

Cleure has natural chewing gum that is healthy and good for you.  It contains 100% xylitol instead of saccharin as sweeteners.  Xylitol has been shown to help increase saliva and therefore, helps prevent tooth decay, gum disease and dry mouth.

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