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Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles Under Eyes

At some point, either with age or not getting enough sleep, most people want to know how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. Eye cream or eye gel is very important to maintain the health of delicate tissues under the eye. If special care is not given to this area, damage is likely.

Several types of problems can result from damage - dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, or fine lines. What is the best hypoallergenic eye cream or eye gel that can help solve or make these problems disappear?

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Under Eye Cream & Gel for Dark Circle Eyes

The more hydrated and moisturized the delicate area under the eyes are, the better the texture of the skin will be. It helps to choose a good cream for puffy eyes and wrinkles.

Causes of Dark Circles and Puffiness Under Eyes Causes

When your skin under the eyes thins, it exposes blood vessels, which have the appearance of dark pigmentation. Dark circles can make you appear older than you are. Dark circles and puffy eyes also make you looked stressed and tired. The cause of dark circles and puffiness under eyes may include the following:

- Lack of sleep
- Stress
- Use of tobacco
- Excessive alcohol
- Dehydration
- Poor nutrition
- Lack of exercise
- Aging, which causes thinning skin and loss of collagen
- Allergies
- Congestion
- Over exposure in the sun
- Eczema
- Heredity
- Uneven skin tone

You've probably heard all of these above being the cause of just ill health in general. The same applies with causes of dark circles and puffy eyes.

How to get Rid of Dark Circles Under the Eyes
Dark circles under the eyes can make you appear much older than you are. It also gives the appearance of lack of sleep or illness. It can affect both men and women, and even children. Discovering the cause of dark circles under the eyes is important. Allergies, heredity, lack of sleep, fatigue and poor health can all contribute to under-eye circles. Other causes of under-eye circles can include:

  • Thinning of the skin and loss of collagen

  • Excessive sun exposure, causing melanin to be produced

  • Stress

  • Finding the cause and addressing them, along with a high quality under eye gel or cream can help get rid of dark circles under the eye.

    Cause of Puffy Eyes & Bags
    When fluid gets trapped under the eyes, you'll wake up with puffy eyes. Allergies and sinus problems may also cause puffiness.
    Salt and alcohol may also contribute to puffiness.

    Cool cucumber slices or tea bags are known to help with temporary relief of swelling.

    Treatment of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
    The area under the eyes are thinner and contain fewer oil glands. When we smile or squint, this area is constantly exposed to stretching.
    Eye gels with certain ingredients have been shown to help prevent wrinkles and premature aging.

    Essential Ingredients for the Best Eye Cream or Eye Gel
    The best eye cream or eye gel will hydrate by sealing in moisture without irritating ingredients.

    Fruit acids are one such ingredient that is non-irritating and yet effective for many of the problems associated with under eye problems. This is a unique blend of salicylate free complex of fruit acids that are rich in anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties. It has the following benefits:
    • Penetrates the tissues to hydrate and soften the skin.
    • Firms the delicate skin surrounding the eye area and is gentle.
    • Stimulates cell renewal, and helps the skin look younger and healthier.
    • Helps improve and minimizes fine lines and dark pigmentation.
    In summary, fruit acid complex softens the fine lines and wrinkles and helps reduce dark circles and puffiness. They are naturally found in such fruits as lemons, strawberries and grapes. In the acid form, which is salicylate free, they are called alpha hydroxy acids.

    Eye Gel versus Eye Cream
    There are eye creams and eye gels that are available. Both can be effective. Creams are more emollient, while gels are better suited for sensitive skin.

    In general, gels work better than creams. Most eye gels are recommended for night time use, and they dry quickly. Your favorite night time moisturizer can be applied over it for anti aging.

    Cleure Eye Repair Gel is the best solution for those who need to help improve problems associated with under the eyes. Used at night time, over time, the benefits become evident. Your eyes will look rested and brighter.