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Why Use an Aluminum Free Deodorant?

Aluminum free deodorant is one personal product that you can switch to in order to avoid too many chemicals in your personal care products. Have you ever used deodorant that made your underarms itchy, caused a rash, or dried your skin out to the point of pain or irritation? Many over the counter deodorants are harsh and damaging to sensitive underarm skin and can be, quite literally, painful to use. In the modern world, so many of even “natural” products contain chemicals, additives, and other elements that can cause damage to our bodies over time, sensitivity to the environment, or that can aggravate allergies unnecessarily. Most common brand products contain many chemicals and additives that remain untested by the FDA and could have harmful or aggravating effects over time. Natural skin care products, however, should be natural and useful and have ingredients that we are certain will not cause allergic reaction or harm. Aluminum free deodorant can provide perspiration and odor protection without the potential risk of aluminum salts being built up in the body.

There have been many studies on the effects of aluminum salts in deodorant and their long term effects on the human body. Some studies indicate that a build-up of aluminum in nerve cells may be a contributing factor to Alzheimer’s disease. Other studies indicate that the presence of aluminum salts in the female body may act as a hormonal increase, contributing to possible increases in breast cancer. It is unclear whether aluminum exposure in large doses or small exposure over time may cause these issues, however it is clear that our skin absorbs materials put on it. Aluminum comes in many forms, not just deodorant, including tooth paste tubes, table salt, drinking water, non-dairy creamer and a variety of other sources. While studies remain inconclusive on the effects of long-term aluminum exposure, you may wish to have a natural skin care product that is aluminum free. Deodorant from Cleure is aluminum free and contains natural, harmless ingredients.

Aluminum free deodorant from Cleure is made from natural mineral salts and is free from paraben. It is gentle and safe to use on sensitive skin and even on children. This deodorant comes in a crystal clear form, spray on form, and liquid roll on form. Mineral salts eliminate odor safely for up to twenty four hours and do not leave a white residue or stain clothing. The hypo-allergenic formula is not tested on animals and is completely vegan. Many customers report that the deodorant eliminates odor naturally and safely and that they experience far less irritation to their skin from this product. If you wish to choose a safer deodorant alternative, Aluminum free deodorant from Cleure is safe and effective.
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